Beerbar & Kitchen

In a secluded part of the heart of Amsterdam you can find our intimate bistro. We serve a beautiful selection of 30 national and international beers from draft, complimented with our delicious meals.

It is not necessary to make a reservation anymore. However, due to the Covid-19 regulations we do ask you to respect our house rules. You can find these here.

Our chef prepares the most delicious meals for you. Do you prefer meat, fish or are you a vegetarian? We offer a great variety of dishes. And we can also advise you which beers go best with your meal.

With 30 beers on draft, we must not neglect to mention the housebeers from our own brew-concern Morebeer Brewing. As  official Morebeer Brewing bar we have a nice collections of beers from our brewers, as well as beers from our befriended breweries where we brew, on draft and of course also in can and bottle.

And last but not least we like to mention that we also serve limited beers of the international acclaimed Scottish brewery Brewdog, on draft and also in cans and bottles. So please join us in our culinary world of beer.